T.R. Pickerill       CV
Nerve Scales Screams Black Mass
Revolt Black Mass on Bandcamp
How To Stop Time (performance proposal, 2015-2016) Sound Art / Noise
Black Mass (installation proposal, 2014-2016) Painting
Transmission (performance proposal, 2010-2015) Photography
The Mysterious Deep Black (installation proposal, 2010-2015) Video
Odyseus In Space (treatise, 2010) Writing
The Poet Assassin (poetry) on Kindle Chronology
Scratch (opera libretto) & Cesura (one act play) on Kindle  
The Omen Project (installation proposal, 1997-2014)  
Hazards Of The Moon (installation proposal, 2005-2008)  
The Body Of Light (installation proposal, 1997-2001)  



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