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Photography   The Poet Assassin-Kindle
Sound Art   Scratch & Cesura-Kindle
Video Art   BlackMass-Zine










Nemo's Cave










Ongoing Performance Proposals
Site Specific Sound Installation (Synchronicity Mapping and Mnemonic-Harmonic Engins)
Voyager (art project & installationproposal, 2016-2018)
The Mysterious Deep Black (art project & installation proposal, 2014-2018)
Dark Clouds (photography and installation proposal, 2014-2016
Black Mass (art project & installation proposal, 2014-2017)
Nerve Scales (video & installation proposal, 2014-2016)
Odysseus In Space (theisis and painting series, 2012-2014)
The Lost Shore (installation proposal, 2010-2016)
Deep Black Incantation (videos and loops 2001-2014)
Hazards Of The Moon (art project & installation proposal, 2005-2008)
Stary Night (installation proposal, 2004)
Synchronicity Mappings
The Body Of Light (art project & installation proposal, 1997-2002)




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