T.R. Pickerill       CV
Nerve Scales Mysterious Deep Black The Omen Project
Transmission (performance proposal) Photography
The Poet Assassin (writing-work in progress) Video
An Anatomy Of Hell (painting-work in progress) Painting
Phantoms (painting-work in progress) Noise










Transmission (performance proposal)

The Body Of Light (installation roposal)
The Poet Assassin (writing)
Mysterious Deep Black (installation proposal) Odysseus In Space (installation proposal)
The Lost Shore (installation proposal)

Cesura (dream play)

Scratch (dream play / opera)
2013       2007
Hazards Of The Moon (installation proposal)
Nightshade (performance scenario)
Stary Night (installation proposal)
Nowhere (dream play)
2006       2000
The Body Of Light (installation proposal)
1999       1993



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